We’ve Got Fun for All Ages

With the addition of the new Adults Only “Serenity” areas, adults have more options than ever to enjoy their time onboard.  And to ensure our youth guests have just as great a time, we’ve made sure kids and teens alike will have plenty to do.   

Club O2 (ages 15-17)

Whatever your style, mood, or moment, Carnival’s CLUB O2 is your place. This special space blends friends, music, entertainment, sports and style for a teen-themed cruising experience unlike any other. View details

Circle “C” (ages 12-14)

Welcome to Circle “C” where 12-14’s can cruise, chill, connect. It’s a program that keeps on growing. There are games, parties, and other supervised activities that are created just for them. When they rave about all the fun they’re having, you’ll know they’ve discovered Circle “C”. View details

Camp Carnival (ages 2-11)

The year-round program includes a wide range of fun activities designed for three different age groups. All are supervised by staff who are either college educated in a related field or have professional child-care experience. As soon as children visit Camp Carnival, they’ll meet the counselor assigned to their age group. While activities take place throughout the ship, smaller children enjoy many of their fun events in the Camp Carnival headquarters where there are games, arts & crafts, and even their own outdoor wading pool.

Toddlers (2-5)       Juniors (6-8)     Intermediates (9-11)