Carnival Comfort Bed

Although almost nothing compares to sleeping while sailing on the open ocean, Carnival Cruise Lines guests can bring their on board experience to their everyday lives with quality and comfort bedding.  The Carnival Comfort Collection is created exclusively for Carnival Cruise Lines by Harbor Linen and allows guests to purchase quality pillows, duvets, bedding & sheet sets, blankets, robes, mattress sets and more.  Why not sleep like you’re on vacation everyday!

3 thoughts on “Carnival Comfort Bed

  1. We loved the Comfort pillows so we tried to buy them online from Harbor only to be told that they do not take international orders! Pity they won’t go that extra mile for Carnival. Surely DHL could do it?
    Steve R.

  2. My son went on one of your cruises. He loved the king size bed with two mattresses on top and one large on bottom, where did you get these? Are they sold to the public?

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