Artist's Renderings of New Carnival Splendor's Atrium and Promenade

The new 113,000-ton Carnival Splendor, set to debut from Europe July 2, promises to be a truly spectacular addition to the “Fun Ship” fleet. The following artist’s renderings of Carnival Splendor’s colorful atrium lobby and promenade illustrate the ship’s stunning interiors created by award-wining ship architect Joe Farcus.

Representing a new class of ship, Carnival Splendor is scheduled to enter service from Genoa July 2 then reposition to London (Dover) July 10 for Carnival’s first-ever 12-day Northern Europe program, part of a diverse inaugural schedule that also includes Mediterranean, Caribbean, South American and Mexican Rivera voyages.

One thought on “Artist's Renderings of New Carnival Splendor's Atrium and Promenade

  1. hi steph! i just got off the valor this morning and there was a video on the tv of joe farcus expaining the ship and it really made the experience so much more enjoyable. i think the freedom really needs this cause i didn’t “get it” on that ship, of course i love it, but i didn’t understand it. hope to see you soon!

    smiles, bee
    (the empress who’s tiara still lights up!)

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