Carnival Dream’s Ocean Plaza Coming Along!

When the new 130,000-ton Carnival Dream debuts in September it will feature a number of new facilities and lounges, including Ocean Plaza (pictured here during final outfitting), a stunning café and live music venue.

Designed as the ideal spot for guests to relax and people watch, this breathtaking indoor/outdoor facility will feature a bandstand where a variety of musical genres will be showcased, along with a large circular dance floor. A massive floor-to-ceiling curved glass wall will separate the room, creating comfortable and seating areas offering magnificent ocean views.

Guests at Ocean Plaza can also enjoy lattes, cappuccinos, espresso and other specialty coffees, along with sweets such as baked-on-board cakes, pies, cookies – even freshly made milkshakes. Full bar service specializing in martinis, mojitos and other popular cocktails, will be offered, as well.

Ocean Plaza will also offer full Wi-Fi access, along with 12 stand-alone kiosks where guests can access an exciting new concept in shipboard technology – the FunHub, Carnival Dream’s comprehensive portal and exclusive on-board social network. 

Ocean Plaza is among the many innovative features and facilities available aboard the spectacular “Fun Ship” when it debuts in Europe Sept. 21.