Part Three of John Heald’s Carnival Splendor Post

Carnival Splendor Senior Cruise Director John Heald shares with his readers his experiences from the ship like only he can.

Below is a snippet of his post, read the full entry at John Heald’s blog.


So were we? Oh yes, I had been awoken from dreaming about the world’s most gorgeous bottom, the Carnival Splendor’s engine room was full of smoke, some electrical cabling was on fire, the crew were at their general emergency stations and I had now asked all 3,299 guests to move to the open decks. The ship is dead in the water. We have no elevators and we are already noticing that many of the ship’s systems are down including the lighting with only the emergency low level lighting working. Apart from that and the fact that I had ruined a really good pair of Marks and Spencers (Brit shop) underpants…….everything was just spiffing.