Part Two of John Heald’s Carnival Splendor Post

Carnival Splendor Senior Cruise Director John Heald shares with his readers his experiences from the ship like only he can.

Below is a snippet of his post, read the full entry at John Heald’s blog.


Welcome back. When you left us the crew was at their muster stations, the guests were in their staterooms listening to my voice that was keeping them informed and hopefully keeping them calm. Meanwhile the fire squads have had to come out of the engine room because the smoke was so thick, the captain is thinking what to do next and I am touching cloth.

It was at 7 am when we started getting reports that the smell of smoke was getting heavier and heavier in the guest areas and so after discussion with the captain it was decided that we should move all the guests from the aft section of the ship to the open decks. The conversation went something like this.

CAPTAIN                                            JOHN, I AM CONCERNED THAT THE GUESTS MAY                                                                  BE AFFECTED BY THE SMOKE SO WE NEED TO                                                                      MOVE THEM TO THE OPEN DECKS

JOHN                                                  JUST THE AFT SECTION CAPTAIN?

 CAPTAIN                                            YES FOR NOW