Caribbean and Latin American Nations Play Key Role in Carnival Cruise Line’s Crew Repatriation Efforts

Carnival Cruise Line is in the final stages of repatriating its crew members and nations across the Caribbean and Latin America have played a critical role in helping our shipboard personnel return home.

Countries across the region, including The Bahamas, Barbados, Colombia, Curacao, Mexico, Panama, St. Maarten and Nicaragua, have assisted in the repatriation effort through seaport operations as well as helping to facilitate the safe and efficient transfer of crew via chartered and commercial aircraft and as ground transportation.  More than 26,000 crew members have been repatriated worldwide, including thousands of crew members who are citizens of more than 25 different nations throughout the Caribbean and Latin America.

By July 20, Carnival expects to have less than 400 crew members remaining on board awaiting repatriation once their home country borders are opened or travel restrictions are eased.

“Many of our partners in the Caribbean and Latin America have gone above and beyond in supporting our repatriation efforts and played a vital role in helping our team members return home safely,” said Christine Duffy, president of Carnival Cruise Line.  “We offer our most sincere thanks to government officials, private transportation operators and maritime partners for their cooperation, hard work and gracious hospitality.”


Carnival Cruise Line ships are docked off the coast of The Bahamas as they prepare to repatriate crew members to their home countries throughout the world.
Carnival Freedom crew pose for a photo before boarding a flight in Barbados, one of several Caribbean and Latin American nations that assisted the cruise line in its crew repatriation effort.
Crew members from the Carnival Freedom wait to board a flight on their way home from Barbados.
Carnival Miracle crew members board one of the ship’s water shuttles on Panama’s Pacific coast to join a bus transfer taking them to the Carnival Glory which was docked on the Atlantic side.
In Panama, Carnival Miracle crew members wait to board busses that will take them to Carnival Glory which then sailed to Curacao for charter and commercial flights to their home countries.
A Carnival crew member’s family created a special Welcome Home sign for his return home from Nicaragua.
Crew members from the Carnival Pride are shown debarking the vessel to join repatriation flights returning them to their home countries.
St. Maarten was just one of many Caribbean nations that assisted Carnival Cruise Line in its crew repatriation effort. Here crew members from Carnival Pride wait to board busses to join flights to return to their home countries.